Chaos Unleashed

Battle of the Crescent Platform

In which Foul Cage once more makes an annoying appearance.

After confronting a Juggernaut of Khorne and destroying it in two mighty blows, the Seven proceeded through the Candentia Vaults, in hot pursuit of the Tyrant’s Cord’s temporary owners. Their hunt led them to a vault of trapped memories, where several of the group elected to allow the errant personalities into their minds.

After Barak’s tracking abilities failed him, the group stumbled upon a genetor’s laboratory, seemingly dedicated to cloning the former Duke of Sacgrave and restoring him to full awareness. Able and Noxias promptly looted the area for anything they considered valuable, wiping the rest from the cogitator interlink present in the chambers.

A brief fight with mutated servitor chimeras preceded another encounter with Beylix Ireshor, the Archon whom had so aroused Garret’s ire earlier. Knowing himself to be outclassed and outmatched, the Archon offered a deal; fire-support to hinder the escape of those carrying the Cord, in exchange for an urn located deep in the Vaults. After arguing for some time, an accord was struck, the urn was found, and the bearers of the cord were brutally cut down one by one, until finally the jagged spurs of linked chain were held in worthy hands once more.


Gir Gir

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