Chaos Unleashed

Bunker Poppin' Baneblade Droppin'

In the aftermath of our massively successful occupation, I led the 1st, 2nd and 4th infantry on a veritable looting spree of the manufactorium located at [REF. 122877331.b]. We already had our commandeered Crassis transports, and I know the remainder of the Seven had their own victories and acquisitions, including a bona-fide Storm Bird!

I wasn’t present at the time, but I believe it was Magos Shakespear who found the hidden bunker. The installation was vast, and VERY poorly defended. We infiltrated virtually unopposed until we were deep inside in our lovely new tanks. I don’t see why anyone would take anything except the Leman Russ but I suppose it takes all sorts. When we finally did hit a wall of people that needed killing, there were 3 Leman Russes, 7 Sentinels and an honest-to-throne Baneblade. I’ll skip the telling, but basically we garnered ourselves a Baneblade. I took one look at the spacious interior and proposed a mobile command/medical unit, and we knew we’d hit on a brilliant plan. The one thing we were missing in these engagements was a nexus for this sort of thing.

On the trip home (Strange. Home? When did Sacgrave become home?) I finally took the time to crack open the Brazen Lance and rewire the workings, and now the thing fires with its old reliability! I spent a good day testing it out and damn but it punched a hole right in the centre of every target, every time! Noxias, Iisk and I took the time to implant him with the muscle growth regimen I figured out all those months ago, and damn but the man took to it with aplomb. He had requested a larger dose, but it was absurd! His skin is stretched so tight now, it hasn’t taken the time to stretch itself over the new muscles. He’s a hulking mess now, and the muscles themselves are packed tight, as dense as one would find on an aquatic species. I braced his long bones a little and gave him something for his ligaments to hold up to the new strain, but I’ve advised him to take it easy for another month or two. Iisk agrees with my conclusions. I cannot wait to get back to the Ziggurat and install all the manufactorum gear we raided. I can finally take a crack at mass producing some of the designs I’ve been working over for these last years!


Gir Nick_Titanium

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