Chaos Unleashed

The best laid plans of Marines and Men.

This tale of woe begins on the planet of Q’Sal. Our heretics made a few menial acquisitions here, as well as some necessary items and sacrifices for later rituals. A short warp jump on a pirate vessel brought them back to Sacgrave. Their new home.

Quickly returning to the Painted Ziggurat, Photep and Iiskraviccus set about gathering the final pieces and slaves for a ritual to bind a daemon into a weapon of the mortal realm. On the crescent platform, a place blasted by fire and magic, the corpses of 999 slaves lay dismembered in blasphemous runes upon the ground. Wreathed in multi coloured smoke, a Screamer of Tzeentch burst from the immaterium, the warp shark quickly slaughtering the remaining cultists and sacrificial slaves. Photep mastered the daemon but its will was too strong to bind, bursting through the wards bent on destroying the one who had attempted to enslave it. Bolter and blade quickly dispatched the rogue daemon and the summoners retired to rest off the ill effects of the failed ritual.

The Seven sat in council to discuss what was to be done to set up the Ziggurat as their new base of operations. A plan was quickly and efficiently hatched as to what was to be done and who was to do it, before Noxias set off to speak with the Lord of the Weeping Halls and the remainder began to follow power conduits in an attempt to locate the generatorium. The heretics, despite previous experience, decided to let Photep lead the way once more. At first the trip was uneventful, until an ambush by three Alchimeras slowed them down. Although the tainted servitors were quickly disposed of, it left the heretics open to ambush from a trio of Dark Eldar Mandrakes. The surprise attack left Claudanis critically wounded and needing urgent medical attention, a task that required the tender ministrations of Iiskraviccus and Able. Photep and Garret continued on and located the generatorium, an ancient machine of unknown design that will require extensive repairs or even replacement.


Gir Gir

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