Chaos Unleashed

There and back again, a marine's tale.

With the shuttle still hot from exiting the atmosphere, the heretics disembarked and promptly boarded another vessel to return to the surface. With the disoriented Sienna in tow, the seven entered the tavern where their original journey began and were confronted by an unusual sight. In the centre of the room stood a huge chaos space marine, surrounding him were the corpses of the taverns slaughtered patrons along with the body of the one who had sent the heretics to free Sienna in the first place.

Attempts to reason with this mysterious figure failed, alongside threats of violence and cunning psychic powers. The end result being a semi unarmoured Noxias and Claudanis held in a headlock, Sienna ran screaming from the tavern and the heretics let the marine pass. In short order Sienna had returned and the party bid a hasty retreat to the shuttle and back to the pirate vessel.

A short jump through the warp with the pirates led back to Sacgrave whereupon they set about repairing the generators. After the spirits were coaxed to life, the pirates were preparing to leave and Noxias regaled them with tales of glory and wealth. The pirates pledged their allegiance on the spot and agreed to set up supply and shipping lanes.

Able departed to salvage hangar doors from the wrecked vessel while the remaining heretics left in search of the Alchimera control room. A brief battle ensued after an Alchimera ambush before the control room was located and Garret was able to reprogram them to better serve the Ziggurat.

A plan was developed to visit the dark eldar to discern the location of Noxias’ stolen idol, only to discover they had relocated to a location within the vaults. The heretics then traveled to the slaughter pits, Noxias gave another rousing speech and a large number of the mercenary groups seemed convinced. The leader of the Levincenders challenged Noxias to single combat and an epic whip/scythe battle ensued. Noxias managed, through the favour of the gods, to avoid all incoming attacks and disembowel his opponent. The mercenaries began to look at the heretics with newfound fear and respect.


Gir Monk

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