WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf Cor Wounds Exp
40 55* +4 45* +4 70*** 42 37 40* 30 31 20 13 24 2200

Carry 86.5kg out of 2.250kg
Lift 4.500kg
Push 9.000kg

Archetype: Forsaken

Pride: Fortitude
Disgrace: Destruction
Motivation: Vengeance

Common Lore: War
Forbidden Lore: Long war, Adeptus Astartes, Horus Heresy
Linguistics: Low gothic
Navigation: Surface
Operate: Surface

Bulging biceps
legion Weapon Training
Heightened Sense: Hearing & Sight
Nerves of Steel
Quick Draw
Resistance Cold,Heat,Poisons
Sound Constitution(1)
Unarmed Warrior
Blind Fighting

Special Ability: Resourceful- +10 on Inf rolls on rare or lower availability

Legion Power Armor 8(10)AP, Horns,Auto senses,enhanced ceramite +2ap and recoil suppression
Legion PowerSword, Legion Shotgun +3clips
Legion Bolter +4clips, Legion Hvy Bolter(now fused to arm)

Weapon Weight total 75kg
clip weight 11.5kg

40K statline:

WS 4 BS 5 S 4 T 5 I 4 W 2 A 2 Ld 6 Sv 3+/

Wargear: Close Combat Weapon, Astartes Shotgun, Heavy Bolter, Power armour
Special Rules: Fearless, Preferred Enemy (Tyranids)
*Updated character Stats T Rank3


Barak knows little of where he came from and cares little about it. He is tough, strong and hardy enough to survive anything that is thrown at him. Barak has fought in many conflicts amongst many comrades….or this is what everybody calls it, i only care to be tough and survive, so i can live to fight another day ! Only on one occasion did barak almost come to his end ! It was a blood soaked battleground with chaos spacemarines and tyranids everywher only little cover was on offer amongst the forest a ruin of to the flank, it was a hard fought battle against the tyranids all seemed well and we where driving them back until out of nowhere it took a turn for the worse and everyone was being picked of left right and center, i made a dash for shelter at the ruins,Praying as i made the deadly feat fighting thru few enemies as i managed to dodge most of there attacks and bear the brunt of the rest, just as i was getting to the cover a near by spore mine exploded sending me flying in to the ruins, i was at cover… but now i just need to survive to fight another day, so i prayed and prayed before i shortly passed out. im not sure how long i was out for, but when i woke i was in the middle of the battle ground with not a soul in sight….chaos or Xeno, this bothered me little, all i knew was that i was alive and wanted to get far away from this wretched place !

More to come at somepoint…..


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