A Chosen Chaos Space Marine Raptor. Upon his shoulders are grizzled trophys of batles won.

Ws Bs S T Ag Int Per Wp Fel Inf Cor Wnd
55 30 +4 55(75) +4 40 50 35 40 40 35 37 26 18

Athletics, Awareness, Command, Common Lore(War), Dodge +10, Forbidden Lore(Adeptus Astartes, The Horus Heresy, The Long War), Linguistics(Low Gothic), Navigate(Surface), Operate(Aeronautica), Operate(Surface), Parry, Stealth, Acrobatics, Operate(Voidship).


Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Reload, Disarm, Sure Strike, Cold Killer, Ambidextrous, Bulging Biceps, Legion Weapon Training, Heightened Senses(Hearing, Sight) +20, Nerves of Steel, Quick Draw, Resistance(Cold,Heat,Poisons), Unarmed Warrior, Flesh Render, Frenzy, Berserk Charge, Swift Attack, Crushing Blow, Blade Master, Fearless, Assassins Strike, Blood Gods Contempt, Cold Hearted)


Dark Sight, Amphibious, Unnatural Strength(4), Unnatural Toughness (4)


Hell Hammer Lascannon, Legion Bolter, Legion Chain Axe, 4 Bolter Clips, Trophy Rack, Jump Pack(Good, can run from armour power).
Legion Power Armour:
Customization: Carefull Maintenance
Working Subsystems: Osmotic Gill Life Sustainer, Sustainable Power Source, Magnetic Boot Soles, Auto Senses, Bio-Monitor and Injectors.

Gifts of the Gods:
Projectile Attack. 1D10 + 3 E, 10m, S/-/-. Spray, Smoke, Flame

Max Carrying Weight: 1,800kg. Max Lifting Weight: 3,600kg. Max Pushing Weight: 7,200kg. Is carrying 161.15kg (Including Armour and Jump Pack 125kg)

Archetype: Chosen
Pride: Martial Prowess
Disgrace: Dread
Motivation: Ascendancy

40K Statline

5 3 5 4 6 2 4 6 3+/6++

Wargear: Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Jump Pack, Power Armour, Defensive Grenades
Special Rules: Night Vision/Acute Sensors, Sure Strike, Relentless, Nerves Of Steel,


Search Results >>> Flesh Tearers >>> 3rd Company >>> Squad III >>> Claudanis
637.M32: Born on deathworld Cretacia, Mother: Chaldia, Father: Nicodemus.
649.M32: Report: Potential Inductees. Brutis, Claudanis, Grish, Ishmael, Jericus, Lazerus, Mercutio, Phrenz, Silvanus, Uriah, Zuriel.
650.M32: Induction Report: Passed: Brutis, Claudanis, Jericus, Phrenz, Silvanus.
663.M35: Status update > New Squad Member > Flesh Tearers > 2nd Company > Squad VI > Claudanis. Authorisation: Company Leader Drustos
685.M35: Medical Report. FleshTearers >>> 3rd Company >>> Squad III >>> Claudanis received injuries to his left arm during a REDACTED incursion on planet Attilas. The injuries where received whilst in close combat with the REDACTED. Injuries where to Claudanis’ right shoulder and arm. Injuries seem to be from REDACTED weaponry.
686.M35: Status update > Approval for return to Active duty > Flesh Tearers > 2nd Company > Squad VI > Claudanis. Authorisation: Head Medicae Euphrati
686.M35: Status update > Transfer > Flesh Tearers > 3rd Company > Squad III > Claudanis. Authorisation: REDACTED
237.M36: Involved in the Kallern Massacres where Flesh Tearers 3rd Company comenced in the slaughter of Imperial citizens on the planet Kallern.
498.M36: Strike Cruiser Burning Star IV intercepted by Red Corsairs raid. Burning Star IV lost all hands presumed KIA.
498.M36: Flesh Tearers Casualty report: Strike Cruiser Burning Star IV
→ Flesh Tearers → 3rd Company → Squad III → All Members
→ Flesh Tearers → 3rd Company → Squad IV → All Members
→ Flesh Tearers → 3rd Company → Squad VI → All Members
→ Flesh Tearers → 3rd Company → Squad IX → All Members
498.M36: Status update > KIA > Flesh Tearers > 3rd Company > Squad III > Claudanis. Authorisation: Company Leader Praetus.
No further datails available for Search >>> Flesh Tearers >>> 3rd Company >>> Squad III >>> Claudanis.

Kallern was not the first time he had heard the voice, it sounded like lava on a chalkboard.
“You will not survive this on your own, the rage will consume you. Devote yourself to me and you can live forever.”
It did not take him long to make his decision. “I will be yours”
“Take this gift and know your time will come. You will be called upon”
He felt the brand burn into his essence and lava etching it way through his viens.
“The deal is done, now you wait”

The voice didn’t return to him for over 200 years, he was ready.
“It is time for you to pay your debt to me. You have 8 hours. Kill everyone aboard”

He had known them for allmost a thousand years, but they had not known him, not noticed the change within. They had all know the red thirst and the black rage for to long.

With chainsword and bolter he worked from bow to stern, killing all. By the time the Red Corsairs raid had started he was the only living thing aboard the Burning Star IV.

The Red Corsairs had expected a long and difficult fight, they had there orders but it was no small thing to take on a strike cruiser, even one on its own in the void.

In the raid all that they found alive onboard was a single marine, slick with the crews blood. It was obvios that he was the one they had been sent for.


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