[DEAD] Cyrion Taal

Arrogant and haughty, Cyrion is tolerated by his companions due to his potent psychic powers


Taal was born on Messia. He is one of the Vortex’s many denizens with the ability to touch the warp, but one of the few with the discipline to control his powers. Cyrion’s abilities manifested at a very young age, and before he turned ten, he was the terror of his drill rig. They lived in fear of his tantrums and gave in to his every childish whim, because his ability to sense and hold off the planet’s mutant hordes gave their rig a huge advantage in the drilling competition for raw promethium. With the help of his powers, the rig grew rich and powerful, and the most decadent Calixian nobility was not more spoiled than the boy prince Cyrion.

However, eventually Chaos saw fit to teach this boy that there are a great many powers he cannot bend to his whim. One night on the dark side of Messia, Cyrion’s psychic powers invoked a terrible backlash that left the drill rig and his surrogate family inside it in smoking ruins. Cyrion himself lost an eye and barely escaped with his life. After this setback, he departed Messia to build a future more befitting a young man of his power and intellect. Years traversing the Vortex have taught him to restrain his narcissism, but in his heart he knows that the real purpose of other beings is just to fulfil his desires. One day he will become powerful enough to make them realise this, and regain the adulation and influence of his childhood.

[DEAD] Cyrion Taal

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