Disciple Of Crox


The following events happened during The Temple of Lies:

  • Claudanis suffered a defeat at Crox’s hands, causing Khorne much anger towards him.
  • Barak also suffered a defeat as Crox’s hand, but Nurgle was much more forgiving towards his disciple
  • Photep attempted to interfere with the strict rules of challenge, and for his insolence, felt a minor wrath of the Blood God.

A warrior who calls himself the Disciple of Crox lives just outside Carrion Corpse, scratching a meager existence in the barrens of Kymerus. So blessed with the Gifts of the Blood God Khorne that he is barely human, he wanders the world seeking fellow warriors to challenge to single combat. Thus far, he has not been bested, and he dedicates each kill to Khorne. He is a wandering berserker without the sanity to leave this planet.

The inhabitants of Carrion Corpse have learned to just ignore his cries for a challenger, as he will only fight those who accept his challenge, and will grow tired if his challenge goes ignore long enough.

Disciple Of Crox

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