Garret Yaridovich Corin-Adair Hoplitus Shakespear

A master craftsman, outcast from the Mechanicus


Logic, Common Lore (+20, Cerebral Implants) (Adeptus Mechanicus, Tech, Screaming Vortex, Imperium), Dodge, Tech Use +20, Forbidden Lore (+20, Cerebral Implants) (Archeotech), Scholastic Lore (+20, Cerebral Implants) (Astromancy), Trade (Armourer), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Operate (Surface)

Talents and Traits:
Traits: Mechanicus Implants, The Quick and the Dead
Talents: Die Hard, Technical Knock, Weapon Training (Las, Primary, Shock, Plasma), Mechadendrite Training (Utility), Total Recall, Weapon-Tech, Lesser Servo-skull of Chaos, Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus), Binary Chatter, Infused Knowledge, Master-Enginseer, Prosanguine
Good-Craftsmanship Plasma Gun, Good Craftsmanship Greataxe, Dragonscale Armour (w/ integrated Power Assistance, Helmet Augmentation), Refractor Field, unholy unguents, combi-tool, dataslate
Utility Mechadendrite, Luminen Capacitors, Good Cerebral Implants, Good Mind Impulse Unit, Autosanguine

Maximum Carry Weight: 45kg.
Current Encumbrance: 17kg.

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf Cor Wounds Exp
21 50 *40 30 40 +2 65 45 40 25 48 5 14 400

*Increased from Dragonscale Armour by 10

Advancements taken
Khorne Nurgle Unaligned Tzeentch Slaanesh
1 0 5 1 0

Archetype: Heretek
Pride: Craftsmanship
Disgrace: Hubris
Motivation: Perfection

40K statline:

WS 2 BS 4 S 3 T 3 I 4 W 2 A 1 Ld 6 Sv 5+/5++

Wargear: Lasgun, 2 Handed-Close Combat weapon (Rending), Refractor Field
Special Rules: Feel No Pain


Garret Yaridovich Corin-Adair Hoplitus Shakespear

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