An unknown warlord of Chaos.


Keilrus wears elaborate chaotic black armour, highlighted with bright gold. Large black feathered wings stretch from his back. Despite their size, they seem easy to miss when looking front on. The eye lenses of his helmet constantly glow a vibrant green, almost leaving a trail of light whenever he moves his head. A large, finally detail sword is sheathed on his belt, while an ornate boltgun and plasma pistol a mag-locked to his armour. Finally, a large shield, designed much in the same vein as his armour, is affixed to his left arm.

His general movements are incredibly fine and smooth, and everything he does seems to have a direct purpose. He has demonstrated a capability of incredible speed, moving across a room in a matter of milliseconds. His combat abilities a further augmented by what seems to be incredible psychic talent, able to manifest and maintain powers with little effort.

His attitude to the heretics seems to be one of almost disinterest. He treats them as if they are nothing more then the common inhabitants of the vortex, not at all worth his time and effort.

  • Keilrus is looking for Sienna, but the reasons for which are unknown
  • Keilrus knows that Noxias has the Tyrant’s Cord, but “let him keep it for now”
  • Keilrus is Seiyr’s superior

You know nothing about Keilrus, and anyone you question seems hesitant to answer, opting for death then to divulge any secrets. Other than this, the Torestus mentions him frequently as a gold clad champion of all the is evil, and your fate seems hopelessly inter-twined with his.


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