[DEAD] Krayth

A quiet and reserved, silent berserker


Krayth never speaks of it, but he was once a Battle-Brother of the Flesh Tearers. Ironically, it was his attempt to overcome his Chapter’s overpowering battle lust that led to Krayth’s fall. He always despised the lack of self-control that his flawed gene-seed imposed on him. As he grew older, he became devoted to discovering a cure, or at least protection from this flaw. After many years, a trail of false promises led him into the Screaming Vortex and finally to Seiyr. By the time he concluded that there was no cure, he had already slaughtered so many loyal servants of the Emperor that he saw no going back. Betrayed by his genetic legacy and with no more home in the Imperium, he bitterly betrayed his heritage in turn.

Krayth now harbours a burning resentment for the Emperor who made him with flaws he cannot escape, and for all of the Emperor’s works. Although he despises the base, weak nature of most of the wretches in the Screaming Vortex, they are allies in his great crusade of revenge. More than one of his comrades is curious about his origin, but they have also been witness to the painful end awaiting anyone foolish enough to broach the subject with him.

[DEAD] Krayth

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