LKS-7 "Locust" Hover Drone.

Flat, shield shaped drone with a variety of armaments.


These drones were created using now proscribed technologies. Possessing true artificial intelligence, these thinking drones were constructed as both a knowledge base and a light battlefield support unit. Capable of learning at a ferocious rate and compatible with a wide variety of armaments, these drones were mostly decommissioned after the Mechanicus’ ban on AI. Several examples survived as curiosities for the wealthy or because they were protected by their Astartes masters. It possesses two weapon hard points as well as a series of mechanical manipulator arms and tool arrays, along with many internal systems.

This particular drone still bears the markings of having served with the VIII Legion “Night Lords”.

The drone is currently being refurbished by Able, it’s adapted weapons have been removed and replaced with its original armaments. These were discovered amongst the rubble and wreckage in the generatorium, obviously having been removed due to a lack of spare parts and replaced by more mundane devices. Due to the archeotech nature of its construction, repairs have been a slow process and some systems are still either inoperative or running at a lower power.

Dodge +10, Awareness +10, Operate Surface, Stealth, Linguistics (Low Gothic).

Talents and Traits:
Technical Knock, Weapon Training Las, Ambidextrous, Cursed Heirloom(Doomed),Heightened Senses(Sight),Two Weapon Wielder(Ranged), Weapon Training (Launcher), Machine(4), Hoverer(6), Autostabilized, Unnatural S(3), Unnatural T(3).

M41 Multilaser (Very Rare, Cursed Heirloom)35kg
M41 Multilaser (Very Rare) 35kg
Grenade Launcher w/Stun Grenades + Overloaded frame (Common) 12kg

Guard Flak w/Ablative Coating(11kg), Glow Globe/Lamp Pack(.5kg), Stummer(2kg), Photovisor(.5kg), Pict Recorder(1kg), Magnoculars(.5kg), Lascutter(4kg) Chrono(-kg), Micro Bead(-kg), Bionic Arms, Bionic Locomotion.


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf Cor Wnds
01 35 (3)30 (3)35 35 02 35 01 01 12
SB+TB Carry Lift Push Total Equipment Weight
12 112kg 224kg 448kg 102.5kg

40k Statline

0 3 3 3 3 1 1 0 2+

Wargear: Twin-Linked Multilaser, Defensive Grenades.
Special Rules: Jump Infantry, Relentless,


Photep strolled around the generatorium, all of his senses taking in the ancient room filled with discarded and broken machinery. A thick layer of dust sat over everything, this room hadn’t seen use in centuries. The dark adept was busy fussing over the broken machine, muttering to himself about the uselessness of meatbags.
A flat, round shape caught Photep’s attention. With a quick brush of telekinetic force, the dust was cleared away and the object was revealed.

“Well well well, a Locust drone. I haven’t seen one of these since Magnus walked among us.”

The Locust gave off a faint burst of sparks before launching itself off the table with an unsteady lurch. It weaved drunkenly about the room before hovering in front of Photep, it’s weapons folding away neatly and a scanning array coming online.

“Cybernetica LKS-7 drone, designation Locust. Scanning,” An electronic voice laced with static and distortion came from the drone, “Ident accepted, Adeptus Astartes, XV Legion, Thousand Sons, Sergeant Amahté Photep, 1st Fellowship, Corvidae Cult, 28th Expeditionary Fleet”

“Welcome Sergeant, how goes the crusade?” There was a short pause before the drone spoke again. “Structural integrity: 38%, Weapon systems: 74%, Power generation: 24%, Artificial Intelligence systems: 48%, Brrzzzzzzztch, 18%, Shutting down non-essential systems.”

With another spray of sparks the Locust fell silent but remained hovering in the air, an odd tilt to it’s axis as if it’s gyro unit was damaged.

“Lets see about getting you repaired my little piece of history, the Legion requires your services and you are relieved of your current assignment until further notice.”

LKS-7 "Locust" Hover Drone.

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