[DEAD] Loven Valstor

Valstor is a Chaos Space Marine sorcerer who enjoys ripping his opponents’ thoughts from their heads.


Loven Valstor was formerly a member of the Death Shadows, a Chaos Space Marine warband. During his early years he clashed repeatedly with his unit’s commander whose cautious tactics limited Valstor’s potential as a neonate sorcerer. He was scouting the periphery of the Ultramar system when Hive Fleet Behemoth fell upon the Death Shadows’ base of operations.

In the wake of this great disaster, Valstor lost contact with the rest of his warband. Rather than seek them out, he saw the opportunity to finally push the boundaries of his power and began to seek those who could instruct him in the real secrets of the warp. Although he has had contact with no other Death Shadows, Valstor knows his warband is too strong and too subtle to have been shattered. Somewhere they bide their time and will re-emerge. When that happens, Valstor intends to be ready; he will return bristling with power to claim his rightful place high in the Death Shadow ranks.

[DEAD] Loven Valstor

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