I would fight anything for my masters, but I wouldn't fight her.


Seiyr the Bereft is one of the innumerable contenders for dominion over the Screaming Vortex. Like many of the region’s competing warlords, facts and rumour about Seiyr are hard to separate. There is something fundamentally inhuman about Seiyr’s androgynous countenance, with nearly as many stories attributing a male gender as female. Supposedly, Seiyr bargained the lives of her world’s billion inhabitants to the Ruinous Powers in exchange for their gifts. When the daemons came to claim their due, they wrought such devastation on the planet that it cracked in two. Some speculate that Seiyr never even survived that cataclysm, and is no longer a person at all, just a namesake that a group operating from her shattered home world has adopted.

Whatever Seiyr’s nature, those acting in her name have been leaving a trail of devastation and plunder throughout the Gloaming Worlds for over a decade. Many of their assaults have defied reason: provoking the Orks of Berin for no apparent gain, or bypassing colony planets ripe for harvest to engage Imperial battalions head-on instead. The one common thread to Seiyr’s conquests seems to be archeotech. If the merest whisper of a technological find drifts through the Vortex, it is almost assured that warriors claiming Seiyr’s patronage soon descend upon the location. In fact, many Explorator Magi invoke her name


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