Bulwark of Conceit

Extra Light Power Armour


AP: 8 all (Right arm has been removed, Replaced with Chain Cloak AP: 3)

Auto-Senses, Vox Link, Sustainable Power Source

Chain Bandoliers

+5 Decieve


Form fitting, flexible and unremarkable in colour, this suit of light power armour is easily hidden beneath a cloak, barely changing the shape or size of the wearer at all. It takes thorough examination to realise the quality of the design of this armour, but every second doing so exposes more and more marvels. While providing all the standard benefits and functionalities of power armour, it’s fortunate enough to sport a sustainable power pack, tested by eons of idleness and still going strong. Better still, the helmet is in two parts, allowing the front or “face” of the helmet to be slid either left or right to expose the wearer. When replaced, the helmet is as air tight and protective as any other power armour helmet, but for the wearer the inside is a view-screen, almost completely transparent.

Bulwark of Conceit

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