Journeyman's Contagion

Scythe of Dismay

weapon (melee)

Best-Quality Scythe

Primary, 1D10+5 R, Pen 5

Unbalanced, Felling (1), Censer Attachment, Mono, Venom Drip, Retractable Blade, Cursed Metal


Eons of disuse and abuse have left this weapon a shadow of its former self. With the creation and utilisation of Power Scythes discontinued by M34, this weapon is a time capsule. Though it still displays the high quality of its make, with un-dullable edge that retracts neatly into the upper half of the staff, the power supply module hidden in the top has been dry for centuries. By adding a mono edge and venom drip, the weapon has reclaimed some of its former glory, but disguising itself as a humble (if immaculately constructed) staff is its best quality.

All who wield the harvester’s edge must reap what they sow. The user feels the inherent yearning of the weapon to take one… just one life, every time it is released from its hiding. Should this urge not be placated the wielder feels drained, as if a portion of his blood, perhaps his very essence, has been drawn through his hands and into the weapon itself. It was this curse that saw the scythe retired from grain harvesting and kept away from human contact, becoming a display of entitlement, rather than the reaper it longs to be.

Journeyman's Contagion

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