[DESTROYED] Krin-Knives

2 daemon-infused knives

weapon (melee)

Pair of longbladed flensing knives, rest in simple leather case.

Each of the Kirn-Knives is a Daemon weapon with the Illusory and Impossibly Sharp Attributes:

(Melee; 1d5+3 R; Pen 0; Balanced, Warp Weapon, appears normal unless observer passes Hard (–20) Awareness Test, inflicts a –10 to all Parry or Dodge attempts to avoid it). However, should two different individuals each take one of the Kirn-Knives, they must each pass a Hard (–20) Willpower Test every 24 hours or be overcome with the desire to hunt down the wielder of the other knife, kill him, and take the weapon (as the two Blue Horrors drive their wielder to re-unite them). Even if the wielder passes the Test, he’s infused with an irrational hatred for the other bearer.

  • The Knives where destroyed by Photep on the request of one of Tzeentch’s minions, allowing the horrors to recombine and reenter the warp.

The Kirn-Knives are two weapons possessed by two Blue Horrors split from the same Pink Horror. Now, each is bound in a separate blade, forever denying them the chance to re-merge.

[DESTROYED] Krin-Knives

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