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WS Modifier BS Modifier S Modifier: T Modifier: Wounds + Infamy: Ag Modifier 1 per 50ag WP + FEL Modifiers
1 → 1 1 → 1 1-30 → 1 +1 for Lightning Reflexes Or Part there of 10 if Fearless
2 → 2 2 → 2 31-60 → 2 +1 for Swift Attack
3 → 3 3 → 3 61-120 → 3 +1 for Lightning Attack
4-8 → 4 4-8 → 4 121-200 → 4 +1 for Unarmed Warrior
9-12 → 5 9-12 → 5 201-280 → 5 +1 for every pair additional arms
13-16 → 6 13-16 → 6 281-380 → 6
17-20 → 7 17-20 → 7
21-23 → 8 21-23 → 8
24-30 → 9 24-30 → 9
31+ → 10 31+ → 10

NOTE: Armour Strength bonus does NOT count towards your str value. Just you stat Str + Unnatural level.

Save Invaunrable Save Psychic Master Level
AP: 10 – Perception Modifier Psyrating / 2
1-2 → 6+ 7 or higher is no save Rounding up
3-4 → 5+ Max of 3
5-7 → 4+
8-10 → 3+
11+ → 2+


Touched by Fate: All Characters with Fate or Infamy points have Eternal Warrior
Dark sight/Auto-Sensors: Night Vision/Acute Sensors
Jaded/Fearless: Fearless
Die Hard: Feel No Pain
Hatred: Preferred Enemy (Group)
Die Hard/Hardy/True Grit: Feel No Pain
Assassin Strike: Hit And Run
Baleful Dirge: All models in base contact with Heretic must pass a Ld test or have his WS reduced to 1 for the rest of the turn.
Bastion Of Iron Will/Blood God’s Contempt/Strong Minded: When targeted by a psychic powers, both players roll a d6 and add their ld. If the heretic’s value is higher, the power is nullified. The Heretic gains + 1 to his roll for each ability he has after the first.
Berserk Charge/Furious Assault: Furious Charge
Blade Master/Blade Dancer: May reroll one miss in combat with any bladed closed combat weapon. These abilities stack with each other.
Bolter Drill: All bolt class weapons count as Twin-Linked.
Bulging Biceps: Relentless
Combat Master: Heretic counts as having inflicted an additional wound for combat resolution
Counter-Attack: Counter-Attack
Crack Shot: Heretics shooting attacks reroll to wound
Cripping Strike: Heretic’s close combat attacks reroll to wound
Crushing Blow: Heretic’s close combat attacks have + 1str
Deadeye Shot/Sharpshooter: Heretic may reroll one miss shot per turn. These abilities stack.
Eye Of Vengeance: If the Heretic passes a Ld test at the start of each combat phase, his attacks ignore armour saves
Flesh Render: Close combat attacks count as Rending
Frenzy: At the start of the players turn, if the heretic passes a Ld test, he immanently gains Rage, Furious Charge and Feel No Pain. At the start of any of the players subsequent turns he can make a Ld test to cancel the effects.
Gunslinger: Character may fire two pistol type weapons per turn (At the same target), and counts as having 2 close combat weapons if he has 2 pistols.
Hammer Blow/Luminen Shock: Any model that takes an unsaved wound from the heretics close combat attacks counts as I1 for the next round of combat.
Hard Target: As long as the Heretic moved in the previous movement phase, he gains + 1 to his cover save. This will turn no cover into a 6+ save.
Hip Shooting: When firing a rapid fire weapon, the heretic always counts as not moved.
Independent Targeting: If the Heretic can firing 2 weapons per turn, he may split fire. He must still charge one of the targets he shot at. He may also split fire from any squad he joins, but must assault the target the rest of the squad shoots at.
Inspire Wrath: At the start of each combat phase, the heretic may make a Leadership test to give him and his squad Preferred Enemy(Everyone) for the rest of the turn.
Into The Jaws Of Hell: The Heretic and any squad he joins gain Fearless.
Iron Discipline/Nerves Of Steel/Unshakeable Will: The Heretic and his squad may reroll any failed moral and pinning tests.
Iron Jaw: Target may reroll and single failed armour save in close combat per turn.
Killing Strike: Heretic may reroll to hit in close combat.
Luminen Blast: 12", Str 3, Ap 6, Assault 1, Blast
Maglev Transcendence: Heretic counts as having a Jet Pack
Marksmen: All single shot weapons hit on a 2+
Master Chirurgeon: The Heretic and his squad has Feel No Pain
Master Enginseer: Add + 1 to all vehicle repair rolls. If the character doesn’t have the ability to repair, he counts as having a Servo Arm that repairs on a 6+ (He does not get the close combat weapon or weapons from the Servo Arm).
Mighty Shot: Ranged weapons count as Rending. Weapons that are already rending rend on a 5+ instead.
Never Die: The character has Feel no Pain, and it can be taken against all wounds, no matter the source.
Precise Blow/Sure Strike: The heretic may reroll on missed close combat attack per turn. These abilities stack.
Preternatural speed: The heretic moves as if he is a beast. If he joins a squad, his movement reverts back to normal.
Quick Draw: The character may charge after firing a rapid fire weapon.
Radiant Presence: All models within 6" of the Heretic may reroll failed pinning and moral tests (Including the heretic himself).
Rapid Reaction: Character counts as having defensive grenades
Raptor: Heretics with Jump Packs have Furious Charge
Side Arm: Heretic may reroll one missed close combat attack when fighting with a pistol and close combat weapons, or using Gunslinger.
Sprint: Fleet
Step Aside: Increase the characters natural Invulnerable save by +1 when fighting in combat
Storm of Iron: Multi-shot weapons count as twin-linked
Target Selection: When firing a ranged weapon, if the heretic gets a 6 to hit, he allocates the wound the squad (Assuming the attack wounds).
Thunder Charge: Any model that takes an unsaved wound from the heretics close combat attacks on the turn he charges, counts as I1 for the next round of combat.
War Cry: Enemies within 6" must make a moral test or fall back. May only be used once per game.
Warp Conduit: The psyker may cast an additional psychic power per turn (and may recast a previous power). Any doubles on the psychic test for this additional power causes perils of the warp.
Warp Lock: If the psyker suffers perils of the warp he may ignore it. If he chooses to do so, the power fails, and he may not cast anymore powers until the players next turn.
Weapon-Tech: Once per game, a single Melta, Power, Plasma or Exotic weapon used by the player has +1str (Close combat attacks count as hitting at +1str instead).
Whirlwind Of Death: Instead of his normal attacks in combat, the heretic may elect to attack each enemy in base contact once.


Auto-Stabilized: Relentless
Blind: Characters BS is reduced to 0.
Brutal Charge: Furious Charge
Crawler: Slow and Purposeful, ignores difficult terrain
Damonic: Base invalunrable save increased to 5+ (before additional benefits), Fearless, Deep Strike, May only join Choas squads that share the heretics mark. May still join unaligned, unaligned may join anyone.
Dark-Sight: Night Vision
Fear(x): Units must pass a Moral check to assault the heretic, with a penalty to ld equal to the value of x (I.E: Fear(2) would be a ld test at -2 to ld).
Flyer: Heretic may deep strike, and moves like a jump infantry
From the Beyond: Heretic is Fearless, and may nullify psychic powers as per Bastion Of Iron Will/Blood God’s Contempt/Strong Minded. This trait stacks with the fore-mentioned talents.
Deadly Natural Weapons: If the heretic is not using any close combat weapons, his attacks are rending.
Hoverer: Character moves as if he has a Jet Pack.
Incorporeal/Phase: The Heretic ignores all terrain.
Natural Weapons: Close Combat Weapon, can be used to gain rending from Deadly Natural Weapons.
Psyker: The character counts as a Psyker
Quadruped: Character moves as a beast.
Regeneration (x): AT the start of the players turn, roll XD6’s. Regain one wound for every 6 rolled (Up to the starting wound value).
Stampede: At the start of the players movement phase make a ld test. If the test fails, the heretic, and all other models with this trait in Line of sight, gain rage and fleet until the enter combat. They must use their fleet move, and may not opt to shoot.
Swarm: Swarm
The Stuff Of Nightmares/Undying: The heretic is immune to all poison weapons.
Toxic (X): Heretics close combat attacks are Poison (7-x).
Warp Weapons: Close combat attacks ignore armour saves.

Psychic Powers

Abhorrent Ward:
Doombolt: Doombolt (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)
Gift Of Chaos: Gift Of Chaos (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)
Foul Cage:
Host Of Fiends: Fear Of Darkness (Codex: Blood Angels)
Warptime: Warptime (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)
Wind Of Chaos: (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)
Nurgle’s Rot: (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)
Lash Of Submission: Lash Of Submission (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)
Bolt Of Change: Bolt Of Change (Codex: Chaos Space Marines)

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