Fortress on Sacgrave

Fortress compact
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Square: Major sub objective
Rounded Square: Secondary Objective
Diamond: Side task

Ziggurat top
Outside view

Ziggurat 3.2
Level 3.2

Ziggurat 3.1
Level 3.1

Ziggurat 2
Second floor hanger

Ziggurat 1.2
Level 1.2

Ziggurat 1.1
Level 1.1

Ziggurat base
Room layout

Side tasks are not completable objectives as such, but working on the task will contribute to relevant secondary objectives.

Completed Tasks

  • The heretics have gained influence over the Weeping Halls, thanks to their deal with Vycraft. He has provided slaves and servants, contributing to the “Establish Staff” sub objective.

Mountain fortress 22
The Painted Ziggurat

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Fortress on Sacgrave

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