Hellbringer Planetary Assault Craft (Doom Pidgeon?)
Hull: Light Cruiser
Class: Hellbringer-class Chaos planetary assault ship
Dimensions: 4 km long, .5km abbeam approx.
Mass: 22 megatonnes approx.
Crew: 40,000 crew plus 100,000 raiders, approx.
Acceleration: 5 gravities max sustainable acceleration

Stolen from the fleet of Keilrus’ blockade of Pyuruultide.

Battlefleet Koronus experts are unsure whether the Hellbringer is a local adaptation of
an existing warship, or a new design constructed in the Expanse and based on other infamous designs used by Chaos reavers. Whatever the case, the crews of Hellbringers live for one purposeā€”pillaging planetary civilizations, be they the lackey worshipers of the False Emperor, xenos aliens of unknown origin, or even other followers of the True Gods. Arriving at unsuspecting systems, these vessels can launch overwhelming attacks from both their shipboard weaponry as well as via multitude of assault craft. Once the surface is bombarded into near submission, the skies are filled with landing boats, quickly overwhelming any opposition as they round up captives for the slave market, looting any valuables for later trade, and then departing before help can arrive. It is rarer but not unheard for them to attack void installations they find undefended, bringing such destruction that the gutted stations are generally left as hulks. No matter the target, the arrival of a Hellbringer can only spell doom.

Speed: 8 Manoeuvrability: +15 Detection: +20
Void Shields: 1 Armour: 18 Hull Integrity: 56
Morale: 100 Crew Population: 100 Crew Rating: Crack (40)
Turret Rating: 1 Weapon Capacity: 1 Dorsal, 1 Prow, 1 Port, 1 Starboard

Light Cruiser Plasma Drive, Warp Drive, Gamma Level Warpbane Field, Void Shield Array, Invasion Bridge, Exhalation Sustainer, Crew Quarters, Augur Array
Dorsal Hellus Macrocannons: (Macrobattery; Strength 4; Damage 1d10+3; Crit Rating 4; Range 6)
Prow Skullhammer Bombardment Cannon: (Macrobattery; Strength 3; Damage 1d10+6; Crit Rating 2; Range 3)
Port and Starboard Launch Bay: (Launch Bay: Strength 1) Each Launch Bay has one squadron of Swiftdeath Fighters and Doomfire Bombers, for two squadrons of each total.
Dreadclaw Drop Pod Bays: Able to hold 30 Dreadclaws and launch 10 at a time, this Component only allows them to fire at a planetary surface and cannot be used in space combat, but can be put to use invading planets (see page 118).
Plunder Holds: Hellbringers contain vast cargo bays designed to hold the looted remains of conquered planets. If this ship is captured with this Component intact, it awards 50 Achievement Points to the completion of a current Objective.
Powerful Bombardment: All Ballistic Skill Tests against planetary based targets gain a +10 bonus, and any units in vox communication with the Hellbringer count as being equipped with a multicompass. In addition, the Hellbringer gains +20 to Intimidate Tests against planetary based characters, and when bombarding with its bombardment cannon, doubles the effected area, does 20 additional damage to large units, and 10 additional damage to individuals and vehicles (see page 133).

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