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World Type: Desert/Dead World
Population: ~200
Major Settlments: Carrion Corpse
Ruling Party: Elika The Seer
Landmarks: The Temple Of Lies


The Temple Of Lies

Temple of lies

Since its founding, the Temple of Lies serves as a repository of truths, a site for supplicants seeking favour from the God of Change and Master of Sorcery, and a bastion for those in search
of knowledge beyond mundane grasp. The land encompassing the base of the Temple embraces its sacred sights: the warped metal holds of the destroyed Light of Ascension scattered across miles of foothills and the preserved remains of the unfortunate crew, both of which serve as shrines and occasional living quarters for temple functionaries. Built upon the largest portion of the wreckage are the main halls of the temple itself, a structure of twisting metal encircled by Screamer-drawn chariots.

Within, vast stores of knowledge fill shelf after shelf in cold, voluminous chambers, lightly populated with studious devotees and servitor caretakers. Tomes and data slates on various and sundry topics enlighten scholars within the labyrinthine tower, organised in such an unintelligible way that it requires an experienced guide to find anything. Of note is the Akrinus Chamber, named for the founder of the temple itself, where the most valuable texts are stored. Among them are tomes of stories, few with any reference to historical context, that are thought to have prophetic value and are only ever examined by special guests and the temple’s masters. As a rule, the higher a chamber is positioned within the temple, the more important the content hoarded therein and therefore the more tightly it is secured. Beyond the lowest sections of the Temple, special permissions must be granted for explorers to gain access to the vast stores of information.

Temple of lies library chamber

With the death of Renkard Copax in Death of an Oracle, Elika The Seer has taken over duties as the Mendacious Oracle.

Carrion Corpse

Information discovered by Noxias

  • Carrion Corpse, composed of no more than 200 occupants at any time, subsists off of modest importation from other worlds in order to feed and maintain its inhabitants. These include preservative-laden and non-perishable foodstuffs, water rations (since most of the water on Kymerus is in its atmosphere), and basic supplies to support the world’s few functioning corpse-starch vats. In exchange, most settlements on the planet mine ores to be exported. More costly imports come in the form of delicacies and finery for the Temple, delivered via ancient compacts with nearby worlds.
  • The port exchanges services with the Temple for its main source of income, but makes little profit after importation costs. Renkard Copax, though formally only in power over the temple, has significant influence over the port, which is “run” by a loose and shifting alliance of several port elders.
  • The same families have populated the port and served the temple for generations—birth defects and peculiar behaviour abound, as do minor and disturbing mutations brought on by the Vortex itself. In most cases, they cannot afford to hire a ship to take them off of Kymerus and find that there are worse trappings than living in the temple’s shadow. Even still, Mendacious Oracle Renkard Copax is known for his excesses and though ports interact with him personally only on rare occasions—he disappears for months at a time when exploring texts of lore and other curiosities—when he demands entertainment, death, dismemberment, and humiliation follow. If it were not for his tremendous power in the Screaming Vortex and his considerable defenses—at least compared to the capabilities of the port’s inhabitants themselves—they would do away with him post haste.
  • Many villagers distrust Theron, but none are willing to say why. This information is inferred from observation rather than carousing with the locals. His small staff is youthful, and many seem unnaturally so. His guests range in ages, however, though he shows a preference for the younger among them and treats the others with outright disdain when he knows he can get away with it. The port offers no other accommodations and, given the extreme nature of the environment, most elect to stick it out at the lift barge regardless of the way they are treated

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