Onyx Scar Kabal

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Each member of the Onyx Scar bears a ritual scar with a large sliver of deep black stone set in the wound. The Kabal believes this impedes the speed at which She Who Thirsts can consume their souls. The Dark Eldar’s knowledge of the webway allows them to come and go throughout many locations in the Screaming Vortex, and Sacgrave is just one such point that the Onyx Scar Kabal frequent. To the humans, their presence is just one more unfathomable whim of the fickle race, and the Onyx Scar prefers to keep it that way. However, in truth the Dark Eldar have two reasons for their foothold on Sacgrave. The first is convenience; a number of viable webway passages lead to Sacgrave. This makes it an easy place to acquire slaves. The second reason is a secret closely kept. One of the many trophies hoarded by Sacgrave’s old pirate kings was an ivory chalice reported to contain the Ashes of Ynesth. Ynesth is one of the ancestors that the Dark Eldar revere as a Dark Muse, and her ashes would have both symbolic and pragmatic value as a relic—if they could be located.

The xenos keep an aloof distance from the humans, and the humans in turn give them an even wider berth. Nearly everyone at the Feast can recount the gruesome fate of a solicitor or mercenary ever foolish enough to approach the Dark Eldar with his wares, for the Dark Eldar are fickle, capricious, and prone to murder. The shadowy, graceful beings often linger near the slave columns to bask in the ambient misery, and occasionally trade items of their baffling and deadly technology for a few links of slaves. These most unfortunate of unfortunates are then spirited away to suffer for the Dark Eldar’s private delight.

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Onyx Scar Kabal

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