Restore Power to the Fortress

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++++Thought for the Day: Inspiration grows from the barrel of a gun.++++
+[The bulk of this excerpt appears to be geographic data, compiled from an auspex over days and weeks. Our adepts have come to believe this is the Painted Ziggurat, bastion of the Chaos warband known only as The Seven.]+
For the tenth time, it’s so simple even a child should be able to comprehend it! Although weakened, the leylines of power intersect at these junctions. We follow the junctions. We reach the power source. I fix it, and we – [The narrator’s voice trails to a halt, as the recording servo-skull’s pict-caster shifts in angle, revealing a large enginarium, the bulk of its components coated in thick dust unstirred in centuries. At its centre lie the remains of some unknown creature, seemingly linked into the very matrix of the generator system itself.] … By all the blessed angles, what is that?!

Nw2 generator

  • The pirates in The Weeping Halls have agreed to look at the generator to determine what is required to repair it

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Restore Power to the Fortress

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