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World Type: Death World
Population: ~3,000,000
Major Settlments: Weeping Halls
Ruling Party: Contested, Shadow Liege Vycraft
Landmarks: The Deluge, The Cadentia Vaults, The Painted Ziggurat, The Crashed Devastation




The Weeping Halls

The Painted Ziggurat & The Cadentia Vaults

The Crashed Devastation

Sacgrave grey

Other Information

  • Sacgrave was once home to an empire of pirate kings. The Eldar eventually toppled their rule and desolated the planet.
  • The pirates of Sacgrave were famed for the excess of plundered wealth they had accumulated. Legend says that the majority of this wealth escaped with the survivors on the Kasserkratch. Fortune seekers endlessly venture into the deep vaults of Sacgrave, but few ever return.
  • A paltry civilisation exists in the ruins of Sacgrave. Hundreds of small factions constantly scrabble for dominance, but no one has emerged as the rubble’s king. The ruins far predate the pirate empire; many suggest that it is not old traps of the pirate kings that doom so many would-be profiteers beneath the towers, but the dark and timeless secrets of the planet’s original rulers.
  • The Weeping halls is currently ruled over by Shadow Liege Vycraft
  • Vycraft is said to possess a cache of valuable navigational charts—ironically useless to a man who does not possess the means to leave Sacgrave.
  • A group of Dark Eldar known as the Onyx Scar Kabal, led by the outcast Nobel Beylix Ireshor reside in the Weeping Halls
  • The Q’Sal Gold Ship Deluge crashed here, just outside the Weeping Halls. It was carrying the Tyrant’s Cord at the time of the crash.

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