Chaos Unleashed

Daemons, Pirates and Aeronautica.

Able’s initial attempts to open the bridge door ended with nightmarish visions of daemonic symbols, this prompted him to cease all attempts and mash lho sticks into his rebreather. Photep took over with a series of telekinetic needles which bypassed the locks and the bridge door swung open revealing an inky blackness.

The marines, fearing nothing, waded through the darkness and it parted before them like a curtain. The remaining heretics followed while Able stayed behind to fend off any intruders.

They were immediately faced with a bizzare sight, an immaculately appointed room with a table chocked full of food. A handsome man stood at its head, flanked by 6 beautiful women. The man welcomed the heretics and beckoned them to sit and eat, most were reluctant to accept this offer due to the strange nature of it. Noxias however immediately fell upon the fare with great gusto, enjoying it immensely. Barak attempted some mild conversation before being unable to resist the wiles of one of the women, then proceeding to the table to enjoy the meal with Noxias.

Barak finished eating, wiped his mouth and paid with a pair of frag grenades. Their host seemed understandably upset and quite literally became incandescent with rage, everything spun in a blaze of colour and the glamour was removed from the room. Revealed were 6 daemonettes and a herald of slaanesh who attacked immediately. Entranced by the heralrd’s gyrations, several of the heretics were momentarily stunned by his erotic motions. After a brief but bloody battle, Claudanis triumphantly attached the herald’s head to his belt and Noxias proceeded to burst into flames.

A few flights in some newly acquired fliers and the vessel was properly looted, stores and aircraft securely locked in the ziggurat behind some lovely stolen doors. Several of the heretics then decided that being almost dead was rather dull, receiving treatment for their wounds and then deciding to contact some pirates. The helpful pirates arrived to assist with the uncooperative power generator and requested a tome to repair it. The heretics agreed to fetch the tome and accepted the pirates offer of transport.


Gir Monk

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