Wandering Psyker Opportunist

WS BS S T Ag I Per WP Fel Inf
40 25 30 30 45 55 41 70 30 56

Archetype: Psyker
Pride: Devotion
Disgrace: Deceit
Motivation: Ascendancy

Wounds: 10

Corruption: 35

Awareness, Common Lore (Imperial Guard, Screaming Vortex, Tech.), Deceive, Dodge, Forbidden Lore (Warp, Psykers, Daemonology, Xenos), Linguistics (Low Gothic), Logic, Medicae +10, Navigate (Warp), Operate (Voidship), Psyniscience, Scholastic Lore (Occult), Scrutiny, Trade (Technomat)

Talents and Traits:
Psyker, Psy Rating 5, Weapon Training (Las, Plasma, Primary), Child of the Warp, Jaded, Multiple Limbs, Polyglot, Quick and The Dead, Resistance (Psychic Techniques) Unnatural (Strength x1, Intelligence x1)

Psychic Powers:
(Telekinesis) Mind over Matter
(Telekinesis) Precision Telekinesis
(Telekinesis) Force Bolt
(Telekinesis) Force Storm
(Telekinesis) Telekinetic Shield
(Telepathy) Thought Sending
(Telepathy) Mind Probe
(Tzeentch) Gholam Curse
(Unaligned) Wind of Chaos

Force Staff
Power Sword
Plasma Pistol
Daemon Combat Knife
Power Armour
Guard Flak Armour
Refractor Field
Shadow Hood Optics


Gifts of the Gods
Chaos Organ
Ecstatic Duplication

40K statline:

WS 4 BS 2 S 3 T 3 I 4 W 2 A 1 Ld 8 Sv 5+

Wargear: Laspistol, Power Weapon, Flak Armour
Special Rules: Psyker, Psychic Mastery 2, (Pyschic powers to come)


Iiskraviccus’s earliest memories were of the ship. He served as one of the countless Deck-hands maintaining the workings of the vessel’s sub-systems. He had no memory of having a Mother or Father, his only family were his fellow Deck-hands and the Over-seers who led his work detail. His entire life was to scrub the deck plates of the endless corridors, perform the routine prayers of vigil to the machine sprits of the corridor power conduits and substations and replace failing lumenen globes along with countless other petty chores.
The ship was a warp vessel transporting goods and occasionally passengers, however these outsiders never ventured below the Command Decks above and so Iiskraviccus had never met one, the Over-seers held such dirt-dwellers in contempt but Iiskraviccus privately often wondered what went on in the world outside.
So it was late one night-shift as he was keeping the prayer-vigil on the corridor substation shrines on one of the lowest decks of the ship Iiskraviccus was surprised to find a well-dressed stranger skulking the corridors.
“Who are you?” he called out.
It was hard to look directly at the stranger for some reason but by focusing Iiskraviccus could just manage it, which allowed him to catch the surprised expression on the strangers face an instant before it hardened as the stranger reached for something under his arm behind his coat above an unusual book strapped to his belt. The stranger stopped as another idea seemed to occur to him and withdrew the hand and nodded to Iiskraviccus instead, and asked for Iiskraviccus’s name.
And so Iiskraviccus met Al-Saavich, unbeknownst to him an Inquisitor of the Ordo Mallus.

The next few months Iiskraviccus learned a great deal from the Al-Saavich. According to him Iiskraviccus possessed abilities few others had. Al-Saavich knew a great deal about such abilities and over the months tutored Iiskraviccus in how to begin to harness and use them while avoiding the dangers they could lead to.
So Iiskraviccus after his daily work duties were complete would make his way to a cargo hanger on an unused deck of the ship. There he’d meet Al-Saavich who would present another series of tests and puzzles for him to complete. During these meetings Al-Saavich discussed such things as the warp and the nature of psykers as he called them, but he also asked questions of Iiskraviccus, about the ship and the actions of the crew. He seemed very interested in the answers Iiskraviccus gave, especially of the approaching ceremony were the crew would accept Iiskraviccus and the other Deck-hands his age as full members in the brotherhood of the crew. As far as Iiskraviccus could tell Al-Saavich was looking for something on the ship, something hidden from him.
On the day of the ceremony Iiskraviccus and his fellow Deck-hands due to take part in the ceremony were freed from their chores so they could prepare and so Iiskraviccus arrived in Al-Saavich’s cargo-hanger early to find Al-Saavich fully decked out in gold-traced black Power-Armour, holding a Storm Bolter and some kind of long-haft Axe made of strange twisted bronze metal. An emblem of a capitalized “I” with 3 horizontal slashes through it sat on his gorget. Latched to a heavy chain slung over one shoulder was the unusual book.
“The time has come, Iiskraviccus. Minutes ago, passengers from the upper decks were taken, captured by assailants who brought them down here, to the under-decks. Where is the ceremony to be held?”
Iiskraviccus was shocked, but replied; “The old chapel-shrine, in the fore-decks. The crew elders were there-“
Al-Saavich pointed to him with the Axe; “You will lead me to this place. Now.”
Iiskraviccus had no other choice but to lead the way.

More soon


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